At The Mercy John Memorial Home for the Aged, it's all about making the most of life!

The English dictionary defines old age as the period nearing the average life-span of a person. The UN agreed definition for old age is 60 years. This is approximately the age at which the average individual in India retires. Many people spend a lot of time considering options on how to spend their time after retirement. Some people choose to work for some more time; some decide to realize their long-term dream into a business plan while some others choose to simply relax at home with their loved ones.

Even though many people succeed in planning their life after retirement in terms of financial security, not everybody is fortunate enough to enjoy the support and care of their loved ones. A globalized work culture and urban lifestyle presents the younger generation hurdles in spending time with their family and giving much needed care and attention to their ageing parents. It is normal in these cases for the elderly to feel neglected and not looked-after.

The Home for the Aged was founded with an aim to fill this void. Located near the Mira-Bhayander highway, the Home provides care and accommodation to old people from all walks of life. Some of the facilities at a glance:

We hope to build an active and vibrant community of elders who feel at home here, who feel happy and confident about their future.